Discover Weinberg

Student and adviser looking at a computer

The heart and soul of Northwestern

Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1851, is the University's oldest, largest and most comprehensive school, with 4,300 undergraduate students, 1,340 graduate students, and over 600 faculty members. Its departments and programs encompass the arts and humanities, foreign languages, mathematics and statistics, the natural sciences, and the social sciences. The 26 academic departments offer majors in 45 fields, as well as 46 minors.

World-class interdisciplinary arts and sciences education

Starting with their first-year seminars, Weinberg students develop first-rate writing, thinking, and discussion skills. Faculty members are actively involved in teaching both undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of forms, from large courses to small seminars, mentorship opportunities in studios to hands-on research in laboratories. Many academic programs are interdisciplinary, bringing together experts from different departments to advance shared intellectual interests.

Preparation for life-long growth and success

Weinberg students are prepared to enter the workforce, thanks to research-oriented classes, credit-bearing internships, field-study experiences, and study abroad. Accomplished professionals from outside the University offer about 25 Professional Linkage Seminars each year, bridging the gap between academic training and real-word experience. Our students have gone on to become leaders in business, government, social services, law, science, education, medicine, media, and the performing arts.

A vibrant community

Northwestern's Evanston campus stretches for a mile along Lake Michigan and is located just 12 miles from Chicago's Loop. Northwestern's campus has beaches, tennis courts, a sailing club, and a large indoor sports and aquatics center. Northwestern belongs to the Big Ten Conference and is its only private university member. The University Library holds more than 4.6 million volumes, as well as several renowned special collections. Campus events include sporting events, concerts, recitals, exhibits, and more.

Diversity at Weinberg College

Weinberg College is strongly committed to increasing the diversity of its student body, faculty, and staff to better reflect the diversity of American society. The College welcomes international students and faculty, whose presence strengthens our community’s knowledge of and openness to the world. The University Diversity Council works to address a wide range of diversity- and inclusion-related issues. Within the College, the diversity of human experience is represented in the curricula of many departments and programs and in the independent research projects pursued by students with their faculty mentors.