Track Your Degree Progress

When you meet with your advisers, you will likely talk about your progress toward completing degree requirements. You will also discuss requirements with major or minor advisers, and this will be an important focus when you meet to complete your Graduation Petition one year prior to your graduation. Frequent advising meetings are a good idea, especially when you are uncertain about a rule or if you are having difficulty choosing among options.

Keep track of your progress on your own as well. Some tools for tracking your progress include:

  • Your Academic Requirements Report on CAESAR. This document lists general Weinberg College requirements and requirements for any declared majors or minors. It provides information on how courses you have taken fit into these requirements and on what requirements remain to be filled. (Certain courses may subsequently be moved to other categories. This may be true, for example, for courses that can count toward your major or your minor—but not both.) It's a good idea to take a copy of your Academic Requirements Report when you meet with a major or minor adviser.
  • Major worksheets and minor worksheets, which can also help you keep track of College and major requirements. Completing the relevant form and updating it regularly is another way to see what requirements you have completed—and what you still need to do. Some departments and programs also provide major and/or minor worksheets.
  • Relevant sections of the Undergraduate Catalog, as well as printed and online documents from departments or programs. If anything is confusing or unclear, be sure to check with an adviser.