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Placement Exams and Credit Transfer

Some students find that previous study and tests place them in advanced classes or even give them college credit.

AP and IB exams

As you enter scores from AP or IB exams into your online dossier, you'll get feedback to help you start choosing classes.

Visit our AP/IB Exams pages for detailed rules for how these credits can be used, as well as these resources:

Placement exams

Depending on your academic plans, you may want to complete one or more placement exams. Subjects for which you may be asked to complete a placement exam include:

The Wildcat Welcome office maintains detailed information about Northwestern placement exams, who should take them, and how to use the results. You can also find information about specific departments' exams on their webpages geared toward first-year students.

Transfer credit

If you took college courses while in high school, you may be able to have those credits transferred to Northwestern. There are restrictions on the types of credits we accept and how those credits may be used.

Read the policy about transferring credits for college courses taken in high school.

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