Faculty Websites

Get started

To create a new faculty website, please use NUSites.

Connect to the Weinberg Faculty Server

Non-NUSites users connect to the Weinberg Faculty Server through a SFTP client or web publishing tool with SFTP capabilities (e.g., Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver and many others).

Most clients have a way to define a site or connection where you'll be asked questions similar to this:

  • Transfer method: SFTP
  • Host: faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu
  • Username: Your NetID
  • Password: Your NetID password
  • Directory: public_html

Your files will be viewable on the web at http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~NetID. Until you upload your page, you will receive a forbidden error when viewing the URL in a browser.

If your application doesn't ask for an initial directory, upload documents to the "public_html" directory.

Client-Specific Instructions

These instructions will help you get connected with your specific client:

AbsoluteFTP does not support Secure FTP without an additional plug-in.


See our Faculty Website FAQs or contact us at web@wcas.northwestern.edu.