Faculty Websites

The Weinberg Faculty Server is a shared resource for faculty members to create sites for their individual academic and research materials. 

Get started

  1. New users can request an account online.
  2. Find instructions to create your site:

Connect to the Weinberg Faculty Server

To connect to the Weinberg Faculty Server you will need an SFTP client or web publishing tool with SFTP capabilities (e.g., Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver and many others).

Most clients have a way to define a site or connection where you'll be asked questions similar to this:

  • Transfer method: SFTP
  • Host: faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu
  • Username: Your NetID
  • Password: Your NetID password
  • Directory: public_html

Your files will be viewable on the web at http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~NetID. Until you upload your page, you will receive a forbidden error when viewing the URL in a browser.

If your application doesn't ask for an initial directory, upload documents to the "public_html" directory.

Client-Specific Instructions

These instructions will help you get connected with your specific client:

AbsoluteFTP does not support Secure FTP without an additional plug-in.


See our Faculty Website FAQs or contact us at web@wcas.northwestern.edu.