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Evernote helps organize your work/life by allowing you to capture anything, access it anywhere and quickly find it. It runs on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android (and more) and when updated on one device, it automatically synchronizes your data across all of your devices. The software developer also offers additional tools to work with Evernote, including Penultimate and Skitch.

Evernote lets you create notebooks, labeling them how you choose and, like a notebook, may contain many notes. A note may contain text that you’ve written in Evernote, pictures taken on a mobile device or imported from a file, audio clips, a Word document or pdf among other files. To help organize your work, you can apply tags to notes and later search on the tags to produce all notes with the matching tag. And, like any book, you can keep your notes private or share them with others.

As most people carry some mobile device, either phone or tablet, the documents you create in Evernote are always with you regardless of what device you create with. From capturing student participation in class, observations in a lab, inspiration for your current manuscript or simply a reminder to get milk on the way home, your data is with you.

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