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Steward Actions with Forms

Creating Top Level Folders

The Box interface does not permit top-level folder creations by owners or editors who do not have access above that level (at the Group Share or Department levels).  However, anyone with a Northwestern netID can create a new top-level folder in a SAFER Share with SAFER. To do so, fill out the Create a Top-Level Folder form. Once you initiate this form, you become the Steward of this new top-level folder and all its subfolders that you create later. In the form, you must also select a second Steward who will receive accessa and an email prompt to sign and approve the form. The folder is created immediately upon the approval of the second Steward. The Director of the Share will receive a notification that this top-level folder was created with you and the person you chose as Stewards.  Creating a top-level folder with SAFER registers that top-level folder as part of the creation process.

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Registering Existing Folders in SAFER

Entire Folder Trees

If you have an existing folder tree in Box, or elsewhere, and you want that folder tree to be managed by SAFER, that folder tree must first be moved into a SAFER Share.  Folders that have been moved into a SAFER Share are then ready to be registered in SAFER.  Steward permission management by SAFER is enabled when folders are registered.  Stewards can invite collaborators to folders that have been registered.  Contact Weinberg IT to have your folders moved into a SAFER Share.     

Anyone with access to the top-level folder of a folder tree that has been moved into a SAFER share can register the top-level folder in SAFER.  Provide (copy and paste) the Box URL of the folder in the Register a Top-Level Folder and its Tree form. By initiating the form, you become a Steward of the top level folder and all of its subfolders. You must also select a second Steward in the form, who will receive an email prompt to sign and approve this action. The second Steward will receive access to this top-level folder, if s/he did not have it already. The Director of the Share will receive a notification that this folder was registered with you and the person you chose as Stewards.  

Subfolders in that folder tree will be registered in SAFER going all the way down the tree, but only those subfolders that have additional collaborators on them besides just those who have access above. Subfolders that have no "additive" permissions in this way will not be registered with this form. The folders that are brought in to SAFER with this form are: the top level and all the folders in that tree with permissions that differ from their parent.  Existing subfolders that have identical, inherited permissions from folders above are not included in this form's action.  See the diagram on Waterfall Permissions below.  


If the top-level folder has already been registered, a Steward can subsequently register a subfolder with the Register a Subfolder form and change colllaborators on it at that time. The Steward of the related top-level folder must enter the URL of the subfolder into the form.   The associated second Steward will receive an email prompt to approve the form.  

SAFER-registered folders in Box are labeled in the online Box interface with purple tags that say "sensitive."  

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Waterfall Permissions in Box and SAFER 

In the Register a Top Level Folder and its Tree form, for this situation below, the top-level folder, subfolder 2 and subfolder 2A would get resgistered in SAFER and be given a purple "sensitive" tag in Box online because they have permissions that differ from their parent's in an additive way.  Subfolder 1 and subfolder 2B would not be registered in SAFER at the time of registering the entire tree.  If you wanted to add people to subfolder 1 or subfolder 2B after that initial registration of the tree, you would use the Register a Subfolder form on each folder you wanted to modify individually.  SAFER is not attempting to create a registry for every folder and every file in Box and instead focuses on folder situations of differing permissions that are not duplicitous.  However, all folders in a SAFER share have the same restrictions.  

Waterfall Permissions in Box

Granting, Modifying, or Removing Access

Stewards can grant, modify, or remove access to collaborators of folders by using the Change Collaborator Access form. Northwestern students, staff, faculty and external affiliates--both those with and without Northwestern netIDs--can have access to SAFER folders.  Either Steward initiates the form and the second Steward receives an email prompt to sign the form. The change is made in Box immediately upon the second Steward approval.  The access levels for collaborators offered in SAFER mirror those provided in Box.

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Bulk Changes

With the Import Bulk Changes form stewards can make multiple changes at once to folders that are anywhere underneath a single top-level folder. If changes under multiple top-level folders are needed, use a new form for each top-level folder.  This form can both create new subfolders and modify existing folders, as well as add collaborators or modify their access.  It is possible to submit this form just to create new folders with or without adding any collaborators to them or just to modify or add collaborators on existing folders, or some combination, either way.  The form requires downloading a specific Excel template to organize the information and then copying the Excel cells into the form.  

On the Excel template, it is necessary to provide:

See the Excel template for directions on how to find the Box ID number of your folders in the Box online interface.  All folders created or modified by the Import Bulk Changes form will be automatically SAFER-registered.  Either steward can submit the form with the other steward receiving an email to approve the form.  Changes are made upon the second steward approval.

Replacing Stewards

Stewards can only be replaced, not simply removed. There are always two Stewards at any given time for any top-level folder in a SAFER share (and its subfolders). One of the two Stewards can replace themselves or the other by initiating the Replace a Steward form. The Director of the Share will receive a notification that a Steward was replaced. The departing Steward will also receive a notification that s/he was replaced. The new Steward receives an email prompt to sign and approve their appointment, which is effective immediately upon their action.

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