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How it Works

The Basics

Location of the SAFER Shares

*Currently, all folders in the Weinberg Dean's Office Department Share are SAFER folders.  There is not a non-sensitive area in the Weinberg Dean's Office.

**Stewards who are also in staff leadership positions may also see folders above the top-level, depending, but not necessarily.  This depends on how the permissions of the Department Share have been set up. SAFER assigns permissions at the top-level and below.  

SAFER Folder Structure showing SAFER folders

The SAFER Share Environment 

Folders located in a SAFER Share, simply because of their location in that Share, are locked down in the following ways:

Registering folders located in a SAFER Share means: 


Stewards have oversight with equal rights in pairs over each of the top-level folders and all of their subfolders. Each top-level folder has two Stewards. Individual people can be Stewards of multiple top-level folders. Stewards are familiar with the content in their top-level folders and all the subfolders and can be relied upon to be present to make and approve necessary changes for their folders. Stewards have been selected for the responsibility of managing access. Stewards must be Northwestern netID-holding affiliates, not external collaborators. 

Directors have oversight of SAFER Group Shares. Each SAFER Share has one Director. Often, the Director is a Department Chair or other high level administrator of that unit familiar with the structure of the entire SAFER Share. The Director receives emails notifying them only of new Stewardship transfers and new top-level folder creations. No actions are required of them for these processes as they have an oversight role only.  They should contact the relevant Stewards only in the case of actions being taken by those Stewards they do not agree with.  

Org Admins have oversight at the Organization level, with one or more per Organization. Org Admins are familiar with the existence of all the Shares in their Organization and their only responsibility is to appoint the Directors of the SAFER Shares and maintain the listing of them in the Admin Interface.

Responsibilities also exist for:

Please see the SAFER FAQ for how to request Box folder access changes in HR matters like onboarding and the departing of employees. 

SAFER folder structure displaying roles

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