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Northwestern University

Computer Replacement Procedure

Weinberg IT wants to ensure that when we replace a computer, the new computer is fully set up and all your data is available to you on supportable hardware. We also want to make sure old computers are appropriately redeployed or recycled to avoid situations where your productivity or data are hindered due to old equipment failure. We have established a support policy to address these goals:

  1. Weinberg IT completes the computer replacement, using the Computer Replacement Form, an electronic checklist that you submit.
  2. When the new computer is ready and all data from the old computer has been transferred to either the new computer or to an external drive and given to you, Weinberg IT stores the old computer securely at 1922 Sheridan for thirty days to ensure any data can be restored easily if needed.
  3. After thirty days, if the computer meets or exceeds Weinberg IT's minimum support standards, it is formatted, reimaged, and returned to the department/program administrator for redeployment. Otherwise, it is recycled by Weinberg IT.

If you have any questions, please submit a support request by emailing

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