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Weinberg College graduates find success and opportunities in the business world

As she neared graduation 15 years ago, Diane Knoepke ’00 wondered how her English degree would play in the professional world, particularly in the business arena.

As it turns out, Knoepke’s English studies and arts and sciences education proved to be a job-saving asset amid recession-era downsizing.

“My firm was laying off people and the stronger communicators were the ones who kept their jobs, so that’s one significant way that my communication and writing skills paid off,” says Knoepke, currently the managing director for client leadership at ESP Properties, an international firm that helps sports, entertainment and nonprofit organizations create stronger brand partnerships.

Knoepke wasn’t alone in touting the value of an arts and sciences degree in business circles during the Weinberg College Student-Alumni Engagement program on Oct. 27 at Ryan Hall. The 90-minute panel discussion featured six Weinberg College alumni. Each highlighted how an arts and sciences education can be applied in areas such as entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, consulting and management.

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