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Staff Advisory Board Update: January 2016

Fall was an exciting time at Weinberg College, with many staff events to start off the academic year. On Sept. 9, staff organized a welcome luncheon for new Weinberg College Dean Adrian Randolph. We had the opportunity to mingle with colleagues and Dean Randolph and to enjoy a delicious lunch. Dean Randolph offered his thanks to the staff for the warm welcome, and shared a few humorous and thoughtful remarks about the importance of staff and the support we provide the College.

As a way to stay active and to get a quick break from our desks during the busy start to the academic year, the popular Weinberg lunchtime walks continued throughout September and October. The walks will be on hiatus now that it’s cold out, but will start again when the winter weather is behind us!

In an effort to inspire staff to continue to seek professional development, the Weinberg Staff Advisory board hosted an “Afternoon Wine and Cheese, Professional Development-Style” event on Nov. 19. Staff came together to mingle, enjoy a bit of food and drink and hear from hiring managers from several different Weinberg departments to learn what they look for when hiring new staff. Enthusiasm, a sharp cover letter and résumé, and the importance of making connections were a few key points hiring managers addressed. Special thanks go to our participants, including: Tomeka Bolar, business administrator, Department of Psychology; Yvette Davis, business administrator, Life Sciences; Danny Fisher, director of finance and administration, Department of Chemistry; Michelle Obuhanich, business administrator, Department of Economics; and Emily Updegraff, director of operations and outreach/assistant chair, Department of Physics.

There’s a lot to look forward to as we push into winter quarter! With the addition of Samir Desai, the new executive director of learning and organization development, the Weinberg Staff Advisory Board is looking forward to expanding community building and professional development for all staff in the College. There’s also a push to promote diversity and inclusion for and among the staff in WCAS. Keep an eye out for our future events by visiting our website.

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