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Thanks and Appreciation for Weinberg Staff

Six exemplary employees are honored at the 2015 Staff Appreciation luncheon

Dean Adrian Randolph continued a treasured Weinberg College tradition in October as he hosted the annual staff appreciation luncheon, a fall ritual that recognizes College staff for their continuing commitment to excellence.

More than 200 Weinberg College staff members attended the event at the Orrington Hotel in Evanston. The celebration included four employee awards for exemplary service to the College:

The Phil Waldenberg WCAS Staff Mentor of the Year Award, which recognizes those who provide outstanding leadership in coaching and mentoring fellow staff members.

And the winner is: Chris Moores, assistant director of research, Department of Chemistry

From Moores’s nomination: “He is the kind of person you want to do your very best work for. If you make a mistake, he turns that moment into a teaching/mentoring opportunity … and is always eager to share his knowledge.”

The Community Excellence Award, which celebrates staff members who display approachability, collegiality and enthusiasm while contributing to a positive environment for fellow staff members as well as students.

And the winners are: Cheryl Jue, program assistant, Department of Asian American Studies; Meghann Reynolds, research administrator, Department of Molecular Biosciences

From Jue’s nomination: “[Cheryl] is the social heart and soul of the [Asian-American Studies] program.” 

From Reynolds’s nomination: “[Meghann] remains level-headed and is always eager to learn new things, take on new challenges and strive to do better than before.”

The Meteor Award for Excellence, which honors staff members who have achieved early excellence in a new position by displaying initiative, adaptability, resourcefulness and efficiency to advance a department or program.

And the winners are: Ryan Sawicki, graduate program assistant, Department of Sociology; Jasmine Hatten, undergraduate program assistant, Department of Philosophy

From Sawicki’s nomination: “Had you allowed me to design the perfect staff member, my design could not have topped the real Ryan.”

From Hatten’s nomination: “Jasmine is loved by the students; likewise, faculty count on her advice and efficient support. Jasmine has been paramount to the success of the department.”

The Dean’s Excellence Award, which celebrates a veteran staff member exemplary in service focus, efficiency and leadership while representing his or her department, College and University in a positive manner.

And the winner is: Yvette Davis, business administrator, Life Sciences Financial Services

From Davis’s nomination: “Yvette is the ultimate professional, someone who cares deeply about the future of the life sciences and Northwestern and works extraordinarily hard on our behalf.”

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