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Weinberg Staff Spotlight: Megan Skord-Campbell

The Weinberg College Staff Advisory Board is excited to announce a new feature highlighting members of the Weinberg College staff. We hope you enjoy getting to know colleagues from around the campus!

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Staff member name: Megan Skord-Campbell                   

Title: Program assistant, Alice Kaplan Institute for the Humanities

How long have you been working at Northwestern/WCAS? Almost three years.

Share your special interest/talent: I am an actor. I’ve worked at a number of theaters throughout the Chicago area. This spring I performed in a new play called Constant State of Panic at Clockwise Theater, and this winter I performed in Tennessee William’s The Rose Tattoo, which was produced by Shattered Globe Theatre. I am a company member with Shattered Globe, an artistic associate with 20% Theatre Chicago, and I recently signed with a talent agency called Talent Group.

How did you get started? I have a BFA from New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts. I didn’t pursue acting after school. Instead, I did marketing for a New York-based entertainment production company called Running Subway Productions. When I moved back to Chicago a few years ago, I felt inspired to explore my artistic side again, so I started auditioning and I’ve been working hard at it ever since. 

How do you devote time to this special interest/talent? Most nights and weekends I am either in rehearsal or performing. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a labor of love (I usually spend my lunch memorizing lines). Collaborating with so many different artists over the past few years has been a very enriching and joyful experience. Chicago has an amazing theater community.

What are your dreams and aspirations? To work with other theater artists to tell thought-provoking stories that allow people to get lost in another world for a few hours. Also, I love making people laugh, so I want to do that as much as possible. I think that is a great gift to give to people.

Favorite Chicago and/or Evanston restaurant, location, activity? I love walking by the lake (I'm a big walker in general). Northwestern has a beautiful campus.

What is your expertise as it pertains to your job at Northwestern/WCAS? Anything having to do with NU Financials and ordering catering. I work at the Kaplan Institute, so we feed a lot of people.

If you have $5 and you’re at Walgreen’s, what do you buy? Junior Mints!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? I haven’t really traveled much, so I have a lot of places on my list, but I would really love to visit Barcelona one day.

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The Weinberg College Staff Advisory Board is comprised of staff members from across the disciplines who act as a liaison between the administration and the College’s staff in an effort to further a positive and enriching University environment and work-life. The Staff Advisory Board is committed to three core functions: building a strong and supportive staff community; promoting and advocating for staff professional development; and providing input on the College’s strategic planning and implementation that maintains the interests of the staff and recognizes meaningful staff contributions toward a successful institution of higher education.

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