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Staff Advisory Board: Spring Update

Winter is coming to an end, and the Weinberg College Staff Advisory Board is looking forward to warmer temperatures and enjoying Weinberg Walks again!

Of course, the cold temperatures didn’t stop us. Winter quarter was full of staff events, such as the potluck on Jan. 28 at the Sheil Catholic Center, during which we welcomed the new year and shared homemade dishes and the opportunity to chat with each other, while also getting a tour of the Sheil Center.

To help beat the winter blues and to keep us moving, the SAB collaborated with the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion (SPAC) to organize a free day for Weinberg staff on Feb. 4. Those who stopped in were given a free one-week pass, a tour and a chance to join a free group class. Breaking a sweat with fellow colleagues was an enjoyable way to end the work week!

In an effort to continue discussing and fostering diversity and inclusion among WCAS staff, in connection with the NU Faculty and Assistance Program, we hosted a “Valuing Differences Workshop” on March 17 with speaker Yvonne Brown. It was not a coincidence that the workshop was held on St. Patrick’s Day! This interactive workshop brought together a large group of staff (many of whom wore green!) from across the College. The goal and objective of this seminar was to promote understanding of others and demonstrate ways to treat coworkers with differing backgrounds and experiences with respect. As Yvonne said, “Difference is what makes the gumbo so good!” 

Because Weinberg staff are an incredible group of people, we would like to acknowledge staff members who have received awards and recognitions. If you or someone you know has recently won an award or received a recognition, let us know. We’d love to share the news!

The Weinberg Staff Advisory Board was excited to welcome new members in March, including Linda Remaker, program assistant, Department of Sociology; Alison Witt-Janssen, department assistant, Department of Classics; and Loren Yeager, research technologist, Department of Chemistry. We look forward to their fresh ideas and new perspectives! Please take a moment to learn more about the new and current members of the SAB on our website.

We would like to send a congratulatory farewell and give recognition to two long-time Weinberg staff members who are retiring at the end of this academic year. Read more about Paula Blaskovits and Hannah Maendel and their plans for retirement.

Also check out our Staff Spotlight with administrative assistant Tory Helgeson.

To learn more about the SAB and our mission, visit our website:

If you are interested in joining the SAB or would like to help at any of our events, please let us know! We now take applications on a rolling basis. Email to submit an application, ask questions and to share ideas or concerns.

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