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Staff Spotlight: Hafiza Adam

Staff member name:           Hafiza Adam (I also go by “HA” :-).

Title:  Associate Director, Administration (Human Resources).

How long have you been working at Northwestern/WCAS?:  I’ve been at NU for a total of 16 years and the past four years have been with Weinberg College. The past four years have also been the best years!   

Do you have a special interest/talent/hobby?:  I can whistle REALLY, REALLY loud.  No kidding, people sometimes have to cover their ears when I do it!  I also like origami — there’s something about folding paper into shapes that I find fascinating.  And I love magic. Mind-bending tricks, distortion of reality — and the best part is that it brings out the kid in me.  Uh oh.  I just realized you asked for one interest/talent/hobby and I gave you three! 

How did you get started?: A childhood friend of mine, Mickey, used to whistle incredibly loud and did it without using his fingers.  I found that to be impressive. Needless to say, it didn’t take much to impress me at that age!  So I asked him to teach me and he did.     

How do you devote time to this special interest/talent/hobby?:  I’ve been known to put my whistling chops into action at sporting events and celebrations, but especially when I’m asked if I have a “special talent”. 

What are your dreams and aspirations?  To need less and to give more.   

Favorite Chicago and/or Evanston restaurant, location, activity?  I love the area by the lake between the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium at night.  Being by the water and looking out at the city lights under nightfall is very calming. 

What is your expertise as it pertains to your job at Northwestern/WCAS?  I must say, I do like the new online add-pay form, but that isn’t my expertise by any stretch.  My portfolio with Staff Human Resources is quite robust and broad, but I would say providing thoughtful and compassionate guidance and counsel to faculty and staff is a priority.

If you have $5 and you’re at Walgreen’s, what do you buy?  I’m a HUGE “General Hospital” fan so I would buy a “Soap Opera Digest,” a “Mr. Goodbar” and a “Chunky” bar and then keep my fingers crossed that the $5 is enough to cover all three items!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?  I just got over my fear of flying this past year and have already traveled to Puerto Rico and Iceland.  I would love to travel to Uganda to see firsthand where I was born and the place my family called home for many years.   

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