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Feb 2, 2018

 Fall 2017 Events

Weinberg Career Summit, Monday September 18th

Our inaugural career summit was an all-day event for sophomores and juniors to explore career paths, network with alumni and develop job search strategies.  The day consisted of morning workshops, an inspiring lunchtime keynote speech by Dave Revsine (History, '91) and afternoon alumni career clusters, followed by a networking reception.

Weinberg alumni who pursued medical careers, including physicians, a nurse practitioner & a therapist.
How his Weinberg degree led to a five million dollar donation to this program!
Alumni who majored in History share their college-to-career stories and answer questions.
Five Under Five, November 3, 2017Five alumni less than five years out tell their stories and answer your questions.
You don't have to have it all figured out!  But our career and academic advisors will help you make a plan.


Spring 2017 Events

Weinberg alumni who majored in art history, philosophy, history and American studies and who are now a PR executive, lawyer, doctor and capital hill staffer.
NCA Career counselors and advisors help students craft their 'elevator pitch' and learn the basics of networking.
Alumni from Spanish & Portuguese and French share their college-to-career stories
Do you have what it takes to start a business?  How do you go from idea to execution? Our alumni share their stories.
Engineer, chemist, data analyst & business developer share their insights.

Winter 2017 Events

Liberal Arts to Law School, January 10th, 2017  

How did their time at NU prepare them for a career in law?  Our alumni share their stories.

Young alumni & 1st jobs: what I wish I knew when here    January 19, 2017

Insights from four of our young alumni.

Careers for Social Science Majors  (Anthro, Gender Stds, PoliSci, Soc) January 24, 2017

Learn about some of the many ways our alumni have turned their love of social science into a career.

Careers for English Majors   February 9, 2017

The options are limitless.  Hear how five of our alumni describe how studying English informs their success.

Careers in Science, February 13, 2017

Hydrologist, data scientist, environmentalist, chemist, science writer - alumni describe their career paths.

An Evening with Chris Floyd: A Distinguished Alumni Event, February 15, 2017

from Political Science to Amblin Partners - Chris Floyd shared his remarkable story.

Emerging Industries, February 21, 2017

What are the jobs of the future?  Big data, artificial intelligence, gaming, philanthropy, entrepreneurship....

Fall 2016 Events

WCAS to MD:  Lessons Learned, September 26, 2016

Four WCAS Alumni meet with students to discuss their path from WCAS undergrad to MD and answer student questions.

InterCultural Careers, October 7, 2016

Students meet with alumni who work in international consulting, NGO's, public health and at a foreign consulate.

I Majored in  Neuro Science:  Now What?     October 10, 2016

Alumni who majored in neuroscience discuss the many paths their careers have taken.

Careers in Public policy & Government  November 3, 2016

City government, governor's office, state department, US senate & think tanks:  WCAS alumni discuss their careers in government and policy.

Careers for Econ Majors Outside of Banking & Consulting, November 9, 2016

There are many, many ways you can leverage your econ major:  find out from alumni what they did with theirs!


Spring 2016 Events

Your Major Doesn't Matter!  Non-Linear Career Paths, April 12th

Hear from WCAS alumni whose careers have taken some dramatic twists and turns, and how their inter-disciplinary degree helped them navigate their successful careers.

Careers in the Arts, April 21st

Four Northwestern alumni share with students about their careers in the arts.  Musician, actor, theater company founder, museum administrator and development officer:  students and alumni share a casual lunch and ask and answer questions about careers in the arts.

Is Graduate School Right for Me? May 17th

Medical School, Business School, PhD programs, professional masters and law school:  what are the pros and cons?  Should you go right from undergrad or work first?  Was it worth it?   Students ask these questions and network with our amazing alumni.

Winter 2016 Events

Mini Career Workshop:  There is no Crystal Ball!  January 8, 2016

Students assess their interests, strengths and values from NCA  career counselor Tracie Thomas, learn about informational interviewing and using our alumni directory, and hear from four recent alumni about their college-to-career path.

Liberal Arts to Law alumni panel:  January 25, 2016

Four WCAS alumni share with the students their reasons for going to law school, what type of law they practice and what being a lawyer is really like.  Students have the chance to ask questions to help them discern if this path might be for them.

What do I do with a Degree In English? February 12, 2016

Hear from six WCAS alumni who majored in English and went on to a variety of fascinating careers!

What do I do with a degree in Anthropology?  February 12, 2016

Hear from WCAS alumni who majored in Anthropology and went on to a variety of fascinating careers!

Startup and Entrepreneur Night: WCAS Student Alumni Engagement Roundtable February 25, 2016

WCAS Student Alumni Engagement presents a networking event entitled, "Startup and Entrepreneur Night."  Hear from and mingle with WCAS alumni who have gone from NU to careers in startups and entrepreneurship.  

Fall 2015 Events

BIP Business Boot Camp  with Dan Shedivy of William Blair (Econ ‘97)  Sept 26, 9am-4pm

Career Exploration Panel:Health Care Careers: Beyond the MD October 6, 12-1:3pm 

You don’t have to be pre-med to go to med school AND you don’t have to be a doctor to work in health care. Panelists  share their career paths to MD & healthcare industry. 

Exploring careers in business outside of finance and banking, October 27,2015

A wide variety of WCAS alumni discuss their business careers and their path from NU, October 27, 2015

Lunch & Learn with WCAS alum Ashish Lal (Econ ‘98)– his path from NU to Consulting to Private Equity, October 29, 2015

Careers for Global Thinkers Panel  - November 10, 12-1:3pm   WCAS alumni discuss their international careers.

Career Treks:

CBOE with CEO and WCAS Alum Ed Tilly, June 1, 2016

Students meet with Ed Tilly, CEO of CBOE Holdings, and hear about his career from floor trader to CEO.

Venture Capital and Private Equity: The Pritzker Group, June 3, 2016

A group of Weinberg students visited with alumni David Rosen (Weinberg) and Adam Koopersmith (Kellogg) of Pritzker Group, a venture capital group.  Our students engaged in a lively Q and A and walked away with excellent insight, advice, and tips for pursuing a career in venture capital and private equity work.

WCAS Career Trek to Field Museum, March 8, 2016

Students meet with Patience Baach, a WCAS alum, who is the Exhibitions Evaluator at the Field Museum, along with Susan Golland, Exhibitions Developer.   Hear what goes into choosing, planning, researching, curating and executing an exhibit. 

Healthcare Technology Career Trek to ContextMedia Inc.  March 9, 2016

Students have an amazing opportunity to learn about this dynamic business, founded by Northwestern alumni, that uses technology to improve communications between doctors and patients.  ContextMedia has revolutionized the health care information industry by developing point-of-care information to patients and doctors.

United HealthCare.  Dec 2, 2015

Weinberg students met with Colleen VanHam (WCAS '94), president and CEO of United HealthCare of IL/IN.  Colleen shared her college to career story, going from Econ major to consultant then jumping to the health insurance industry, where she has stayed and thrived.  Students learned about the importance of the people you work with, that your career can take unexpected turns and the benefits of working in a large, diverse company. 

Acquirent LLC:   November 30, 2015

Students met Joe Flanagan, (WCAS '88), chairman and CEO of Acquirent LLC in Evanston.  A born entrepreneur, Joe shared with students how he made the decision to strike out on his own at age 27 and what it took to develop a successful business.  Acquirent, a sales-outsourcing company, is Joe's second successful business. 

Broadcasting, Sports, Communications:  The Big Ten Network, June 4, 2015

Weinberg students met with alumnus Dave Revsine (Weinberg), lead studio host of The Big Ten Network.  Dave was a history major (WCAS '91)  who began his career in investment banking before pursuing his passion, sports journalism.  Students toured the Big Ten Network studio as Dave urged them to pursue their passion and think out of the box in pursuing a career.

Venture Capital and Private Equity: The Pritzker Group, June 2, 2015

A group of Weinberg students visited with alumni David Rosen (Weinberg) and Adam Koopersmith (Kellogg) of Pritzker Group, a venture capital group.  Our students engaged in a lively Q and A and walked away with excellent insight, advice, and tips for pursuing a career in venture capital and private equity work. 

Healthcare: Core Center,  Dec 5, 2014

A group of Weinberg students met with alumna Dr. Sabrina Kendrick at the Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center and discussed pathways to careers in medicine.Marketing & Media in Chicago:  Digitas LBi and Ogilvy Mather, Dec 3, 2014

Marketing & Media in Chicago:  Digitas LBi and Ogilvy Mather, Dec 3, 2014

Weinberg students visited with alumni at Digitas LBi - a global marketing and technology agency that transforms businesses for the digital age - and Ogilvy Mather -  an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Manhattan.

Other Events

BIP Business Boot Camp: Oct 25, 2014

This annual BIP event is hosted by Northwestern University alumnus Dan Shedivy of William Blair & Company, who assembled a group of Northwestern alumni with exceptional business backgrounds from top Investment Banks, Private Equity Firms, Consulting Firms, and Major Corporations to guide small teams of students in several real world practice modules that will introduce fundamental business concepts.

Lunch & Learn with Trustee Steve Wilson “How to prepare for and navigate a successful career and life” Nov 6, 2014

Weinberg and Kellogg alumnus and University Board of Trustee member, Steve Wilson, shared lessons on career success and answered student’s questions about how to prepare for and navigate a successful career and life.

Mr. Wilson is former chairman, president and CEO of Terra Nitrogen GP, Inc., and very involved in the Northwestern community.

Student-Alumni Lunch and Learn: Exploring Career Opportunities: Healthcare  October 2014

At the inaugural event of our quarterly panel series,  “Exploring Career Opportunities-The Value of a Liberal Arts Education Today”, three Northwestern alumni discussed their path to becoming physicians, shared the critical questions they asked as their career journeys progressed and answered student questions about careers in healthcare today. 

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