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Northwestern University

Spring/Summer 2008

From the Dean

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as Interim Dean of Weinberg College this year. I would like to thank our alumni, faculty, staff, and students for making this such an enriching experience. A key part of the role is to facilitate the careers and educational accomplishments of others. I came to know large numbers of faculty and students in ways I would not have otherwise. The job of dean forces you outside your comfort zone.

Daphne Maxwell Reid '70 Actress, Designer, Film Producer

The times, they were a-changing, at Northwestern, as well as in Bob Dylan’s song. In the fall of 1966, just a year after the civil rights march on Selma, 54 African American students came to campus as freshmen.

A New Breed of Student Volunteers

Northwestern students, full of compassion and energy, have been volunteering in the Evanston community and beyond since the earliest days. ... But here comes a new genre of volunteerssome working full time without pay or delaying graduation in order to launch their own non-profit organizations. When they add business savvy to idealism, partnering with organizations at home and abroad, the results can be remarkable.

The "House" That Archivist Patrick Quinn Built

"I can say without any degree of braggadocio that I probably know more about Northwestern history than any other human being who ever lived and probably who ever will."

NU Crew: When Eight Become One

“You have to be a little crazy,” said senior Paul Grote with a laugh before beginning practice. “This is why people think we’re nuts, but it’s hard to explain to them how much we get out of this sport.”

Where in the World is Photographer Thomas Lee?

Who hasn’t wanted to travel to places we’ve never been and capture images of people who look different from us, thereby telling their stories or at least a part of their stories that makes us want to learn more? Thomas Lee is living the dream of being a photojournalist.

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