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FROM 2 SPRING /SUMMER 2014 WEINBERG THE DEAN Learning: The Engine of Lifelong Transformation t is with a profound mix of emotions Ithat I announce the next step in my professional journey. In August, I will become the provost and vice chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. dean While I am excited about the opportunities Sarah C. Mangelsdorf and challenges that lie ahead, I am deeply assistant dean and director of marketing and communications saddened to be leaving Weinberg College, Eric Fridman a place that embodies the arts and editor Rebecca Lindell sciences at their best. manager of web communications Chris Handzlik ’90 I am so proud to be able to share with be the start of a lifelong journey through you this issue of Weinberg magazine, and which our future alumni develop into the design Landesberg Design to have had the opportunity these past six people they aspire to be. Learning is the years to share in the College’s successes. engine that drives this transformation in website We are proud to recognize two college and throughout life. Marshall Scholars from Weinberg College As lifelong educator Mel George ’56 twitter @WeinbergCollege this year, Rhaina Cohen ’14 and recent observes in “The Thirst for Knowledge,” graduate Chelsea Glenn ’13. Chelsea was this issue’s cover story: “If you want Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences also among 14 alumni and students who people to learn, you have to stimulate 1918 Sheridan Road received Fulbright fellowships. I have their curiosity, get them asking penetrat- Evanston, IL 60208 always been impressed by the variety ing questions. Make them wonder.” As I Weinberg magazine is of ways our students excel at learning: prepare to say farewell to faculty, staff, published twice a year for solving global health problems at the students and alumni who have become alumni, parents and friends 2014 Global Health Case Competition, treasured friends, I know that all of of the Judd A. and Marjorie Weinberg College of Arts and researching osteoporosis in the NASA you share my intention that the College Sciences at Northwestern Reduced Gravity Flight Opportunities remain a community full of learning, University. Program, or writing a play and perform- discovery and wonder. As the heart of We’d like to hear from you. ing it 24 hours later at the Alice Kaplan one of the world’s great research Please contact us at Institute for the Humanities. universities, we should do no less. weinberg-communications It has been my hope that during their years at the College, our students will Cheers, Cover Art: Marco Polo by deepen their understanding of the world Rob Day and the variety of ways they might engage ©2014 Northwestern it — socially, culturally, intellectually and University. All rights reserved. professionally. Weinberg College should Sarah C. Mangelsdorf dean, weinberg college of arts and sciences
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