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Create a Connection in Contribute

Before you can edit your website, you will need to create a connection in Contribute. This tells Contribute where your files are stored on the server and what account is used to access them.

Before you define your site you should have already received notice from Weinberg Web Communications that your account is active. If you do not have this information, please enter a Weinberg IT service request.

If you receive an error saying "your role in this website is no longer valid" or "Contribute could not find the shared settings for this website" click the "Connect" button and follow these instructions starting at step 3.

Note: For faculty pages, see Create a Connection in Contribute for the Faculty Web Server.

  1. Launch Contribute and click Website Connection (under "Create New" in the right column)
  2. The "Create Connection" assistant will pop up in a new window. Click Continue
  3. Enter the URL of your web site. Click Continue
  4. Select Secure FTP (SFTP) from the pull-down menu
  5. Enter as your SFTP server. Enter your NetID and NetID password. Click Continue
  6. Enter the folder issued by Weinberg Web Communications or find it in the list of folders. Click Continue
  7. Enter your name and e-mail address. Click Continue
  8. If Contribute asks you what role you're assigned to choose Publisher
  9. Review the information your entered. Click Finish
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