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Inserting and Editing Images

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screenshot of video
Video of adding an image (1:41)

Inserting Images

  1. Browse to the page and click Edit (as described in Updating Pages with Contribute).
  2. Click Image (top center of window) and select From My Computer... 
    screenshot of how to select image
  3. Navigate to the image you want and click Select.

Editing Images

Often an image is too large to fit on the page. In such a case, it is necessary for you to resize the image before you can successfully publish the page. 

Resizing an Image

  1. After inserting an image (see instructions above), if you wish to resize it, click the Resize button (at the top left of the window). screenshot on how to resize
  2. After clicking the Resize button, you will see a blue box around your image that you can use to resize it. The proportions are automatically maintained.screenshot on resizing images

Rotating an Image

  1. To rotate an image by 90 degrees, click one of the Rotate buttons (located to the right of the Resize button). screenshot of how to rotate images

Cropping an Image

  1. To crop an image, first click the Crop button (located to the right of the Rotate buttons). screenshot of cropping an image
  2. A box will appear on top of your image that you can resize to select only the part of your image that you wish to keep. The parts of the image that will be discarded are covered in blue.screenshot of how to crop image
  3. When you have selected the portion of your image that you want to keep, click the Crop button again to finish cropping the image

Image Properties

Sometimes you want to do more than just edit the image itself:

All of these options are found under the "Image Properties" button (the icon of a photo with a wrench over it, on the far right-hand side of the image properties bar).screenshot of image properties button

When you click this button you'll see the image properties window:screenshot of image properties window

To align an image, change Alignment to "Right" (most frequently used) or "Left."

To add a border, set the border to the thickness you want. A best practice is to start with 1 pixel and work up from there.

To add padding to an image, set Horizontal and Vertical padding to the widths you want. A best practice is to start with 10 for horizontal and 5 for vertical then work your way up or down from there.

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Additional Help

For additional assistance, e-mail or visit the Contact Us page.

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