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Adding New Pages

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screenshot of video
Video of adding a page (2:15)

Link to a new page

  1. Browse to the page and click Edit (as described in Updating Pages with Contribute).
  2. Highlight the text you wish to link.
  3. Click Link (top center of window) and select Create New Page...
    screenshot of linking pages
  4. Select the section (template) you want to create a new page in.
  5. Enter a page title (lower right of window). See About Page Titles (below) for tips.

    screenshot of creating titles

  6. Click OK.
  7. Fill in page content and click Publish when finished.
  8. Enter a filename for your new page. See Tips for File Names (below).
  9. Click Publish.
  10. Now that the new page is published, you need to publish the page linking to it:
    1. Browse back to the page you edited in step 1.
    2. Contribute will tell you you have an unpublished draft of that page (in yellow across the top of the page). Click "unpublished draft" to open the draft. This will bring you back to edit mode.
    3. Click Publish.

Tips for File Names

About Page Titles

The title appears in several places:

Good titles:

The above example's document title is "Adding New Pages in Contribute, WTS, WCAS, Northwestern University".

Create a new page without linking

  1. Click New Page (top of window).screenshot of new page
  2. Follow steps.
    • When you click Publish, Contribute will alert you that your page is not linked and visitors will not be able to find it until it is linked. Click Yes.
  3. When you are ready to link to your page, follow the instructions on Creating Links to Web Pages (you will need to use the "Choose" option when you select a page to link to).
screenshot of video
Video of creating an unlinked page (1:41)

Add a link to side navigation

If you would like to add a new link to a locked area of your page (e.g., the navigation across the top or left-hand side of your site) please contact or visit the Contact Us page.

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