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Updating Pages

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Launch Contribute

  1. Launch Contribute.
  2. Windows: Double click the desktop icon or choose Contribute from the Start menu (Start > Programs > Macromedia > Macromedia Contribute 3).contribute iconMacintosh: Click the Contribute icon in the dock or double click Contribute in the Finder (Applications > Macromedia Contribute 3 > Contribute).contribute button
  3. Under Begin editing my websites (center of window), click the connection to your web site. If your web site is not listed you will have to Create a Connection.
  4. Your web site will load in the Contribute window.
    If you receive an error that says "Please contact your administrator," click Connect (top left of Contribute's browser).

Browse to your page

  1. In Contribute, browse to the page you want to edit as you would in a web browser.
  2. Click 
 (top left of Contribute's browser).
screenshot of edit page
  • If the edit button isn't available, you may have to click Connect first, then Edit.

Edit your page

  1. Contribute will switch to "edit mode." Editable sections of your page will be surrounded in blue with a tab at the top containing the name of the field. If you need to change a locked portion, contact your administrator.
  2. You will have a formatting toolbar available at the top of your page. Edit your page as you would in word-processing applications such as Microsoft Word.screenshot of the toolbar

For more specific instructions on formatting, see the following:

Publish your changes

When you are finished making edits to your page, click Publish (top left of Contribute's browser).

If you want to close your draft without saving the changes, click Cancel (top center of Contribute's browser).screenshot of how to publish

Additional help

For additional assistance, e-mail us or visit the Contact Us page.

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