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Technical Guidelines for Individual Faculty Webpages

The individual page server is a shared resource for Weinberg users to publish their academic and research materials. Weinberg IT requires users to follow these technical guidelines as well as the individual web page policies.

Disk space

Each user's directory is limited to 50 MB. For most uses, this is an ample amount of space (e.g., the entire Department of Economics site is less than 50 MB). Extensions will be granted if the site makes efficient use of existing space.

Multimedia files

Multimedia files (Flash, movies, music, etc.) take up more space than text and images.  Use of multimedia files is not prohibited but should be used only to complement or display academic materials. Northwestern's YouTube channel is the recommended venue for video uploads; clips can then be embedded on academic/research sites as desired.

Traffic and bandwidth

There are no formal limits on traffic and bandwidth. If traffic to a site slows server performance Weinberg IT reserves the right to restrict bandwidth or disable the offending site.

Large files can slow overall performance. Users should compress files as much as possible without an overall loss of quality.

Server technologies

To maintain overall server performance and security, no server-side technologies are supported. This includes but is not limited to interactive elements such as server-side languages (Perl, ASP, JSP, etc.), databases, and FrontPage extensions. Support for PHP is being explored; contact if a specific, PHP-based solution is desired. Users cannot install additional software packages.

Depending on the need, other options may be available. Direct questions to

Account security

Users will log in with their NetID and NetID password. Users are responsible for updating their own content.  Sharing a NetID password is a violation of NUIT policy (e.g., giving it to a department assistant or other employee).

Technical support

If you are having problems connecting to the server, contact

Weinberg IT does not offer technical support for the creation or production of materials. Courses in web publishing are offered through HR Training and Development.

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