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Proposing New Courses

Proposals for new or substantially revised Weinberg College courses -- both undergraduate and graduate -- should be sent to the Dean's Office by department chairs, program directors, or directors of undergraduate or graduate studies after having gone through the appropriate departmental or program review.

You will need to submit a proposal form. On this form, you'll provide:

Note: Departments and programs proposing a joint course to be listed by both units should submit a joint proposal. Provide separate answers for the two units where appropriate.

Keep in mind that class information has to be entered into the Registrar's Office systems well before a course is offered. (Exact date are in the Scheduling section of the Registrar's website.) For example, if you hope to offer a new course during Spring quarter, the New Course Proposal should be submitted in time for review in the Fall.

Download the proposal form.

Submitting your proposal

Proposals for 100-, 200-, and 300-level courses

Proposals for 400-level courses

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