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Submitting a Service Request through FAMIS

Requests for service from Facilities Management should be entered online using the FAMIS Self Service system.


Accessing FAMIS Self Service

To obtain access to FAMIS Self Service:

  1. Fill out the General Security Access form;
  2. Check the ADD box for Facilities Management and FAMIS Web Based Roles in Section E.


Submitting a request

See Project Café's clear, step-by-step instructions for submitting a Service Request.

Tracking the status of your submitted request

  1. When you log on to FAMIS via the NU Portal, click Service Requests.
  2. Next, click Go to view all Service Requests that you have submitted.
  3. Look to the Status column to track your Service Request. Typical progression of a Service Request is: Requested, Scheduled (or Converted to Project), In Progress, Completed, and Closed (See “Status Key” below).
  4. You can view the details of a Service Request by clicking on its Request Number.

Status key:

Estimates also have status of requested, in progress, completed, approved (by FM Supervisor), and accepted or rejected (by requesting customer).

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