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How to Create Purchase Orders for Catering

Catering orders should be set up ahead of time as non-catalog requisitions in NUFinancials so that a purchase order can be sent to the vendor prior to the event/services rendered. Below are instructions for submitting a non-catalog requisition.

1. Attach relevant information to the requisition

When creating requisitions for catering, it is important to include the number of attendees and attach a flier of the event. To attach documents to a requisition:

  1. Go to Review and Submit (tab 3);
  2. Click on the bubble icon (far right side of requisition line);
  3. Upload document (flier, number of attendees,and estimate/proposal).

2. Once the invoice is received

  1. Receive the requisition into NU Financials.
  2. Record the purchase number on the invoice.
  3. Forward to Accounts Payable( for payment.

When it is possible to enter the requisition number ahead of time, and an invoice has already been received, a requisition is still necessary. In this case, note in the requisition that "Invoice has been received; do not send purchase order" and select "Hold from further processing." In this case all other steps should be followed.


Online vouchers should not be used for catering or any other services that require a purchase order.

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