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Procurement Card

The Procurement Card Program is intended to streamline and simplify the purchasing process for certain types of transactions. It is a tool that facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies, reduces transaction costs, and automates data flow for accounting purposes. For detailed information about the procurement card, please read the Weinberg Procurement Card Policies and Procedures.

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Who may obtain a card in Weinberg?

  1. Lead staff member in the department or program
  2. Financial Assistant
  3. Lab Manager
  4. Department Assistant

Who may not obtain a card? Faculty members (some exceptions may apply for faculty in the laboratory sciences; contact the Weinberg Dean's Office to be considered for an exception); visiting post-docs and scholars; temporary employees; work-study participants; contractors; and employees at NU affiliates without an NU employee ID.

How to obtain a procurement card

  1. The Cardholder must read and review the Northwestern University Purchasing Policies and Procedures and the Weinberg Procurement Card Policies and Procedures.
  2. The Cardholder should then complete and sign the Northwestern University Procurement Card Program Cardholder Agreement for Weinberg. By signing this form, the Cardholder acknowledges that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to comply with the established Procurement Card policies and procedures (for both NU and Weinberg).
  3. The completed and signed form is directed to the Weinberg Dean’s Office for review and signature. Weinberg will set transaction limits, assign supervisors, and mail the form to Accounting Services for final processing.
  4. The final step is for the Cardholder to attend a mandatory training session held by Accounting Services. The Cardholder will be notified by Accounting Services of the available training session dates so that the Cardholder can register for one of the sessions. The ProCard will be distributed to the Cardholder following completion of the training session.
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