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Northwestern University

Budget and Finance Contacts

Please contact us with any budgetary or financial procedure questions. Not sure whom to contact? Please see our team below for guidance.

Holly Schueneman

Director of Financial Analysis


Office: 1918 Sheridan Rd.

Phone: 847-491-7497

  • Department and program budgets
  • Review of large-scale event/conference budgets & related policies
  • Chair/director expense report reviews/approvals
  • Catering & hotel contract review/signatures
  • Policy questions

Carrie Garrison

Sr. Financial Analyst


Office: 1918 Sheridan Rd.

Phone: 847-467-1055

  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Department and program budgets
  • Gift & Endowment questions

Katie Williams

Financial Administrator


Office: 1918 Sheridan Rd.

Phone: 847-491-6655

  • Procurement card applications & transaction/restriction limit exceptions
  • Level 3 transactions above $5,000 (NUFIN, wire transfers)
  • Actuals journals normally approved within Dean's Office
  • Departmental payroll approvals (including FASIS worklist funding approval, special/additional pay forms, prizes/awards, contracted services for non-residents)
  • System security access requests (FFRA-NUFIN/Infoed/FAMIS, Vista, myHR)
  • Chart string maintenance (setup & deactivation)
  • Finance staff onboarding, training, & best practices (Division 2 & 3)
  • Faculty leaves (non-sponsored)
  • Computer replacement funding
  • Summer Salary

Jessica Clements

Financial Coordinator


Office: 4350 Kresge 

Phone: 847-467-6275 

  • Level 1 & 2 up to $5,000 approvals for expense report, voucher, requisition, & wire transfer approvals normally handled within the Dean’s Office (including any documents with 90 day and exception documentation)
  • Transfer commitments from Dean’s Office funds (including humanities international travel, lecturer travel funds, faculty recruiting, & conference support)
  • Tenure-eligible and other teaching faculty payroll & related FASIS funding setup
  • Purchasing/supply chain questions

Vaneida Aguilar

Financial Assistant


Office: 1918 Sheridan Rd 

Phone: 847-467-4820

  • Transfer commitments from Dean’s Office funds (including humanities international travel, lecturer travel funds, & conference support).
  • Tenure Line and Teaching Track faculty payroll & related funding setup
  • Purchasing/Supply chain questions

Carina Krause

Financial Assistant


Office:  4350 Kresge 

Phone: 847-491-4561

  • Short-term and multi-year faculty payroll & related funding setup
  • Purchasing/Supply chain questions
  • On-site resource for Kresge Hall/Humanities staff & faculty
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