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Award-Processing Guide

Note: A copy of award letters or emails must be included with all paperwork.

Find instructions for processing prizes and scholarships through NUFinancials. Jump to information about:


U.S. Residents

In the Payroll system (Add/Special Pay Form):

Not in the Payroll system (Online Voucher - DPR):


Please note: Anyone paid through Payroll must have completed E-Verify. If you are not sure of a student's Payroll or E-Verify status, please send a Payroll Status Request form to Joshua Dorfman at


Scholarships will be processed through Payroll using an Appointment/Position form (see example form). Account code 78050 should be used for payment.

U.S. Residents and Non-Residents

If it has been more than six months since the student has been paid through the NU payroll system, or the student has never been in the NU payroll system, the following will need to be completed and included with the Position/Appointment form:

Non-Residents doing research OUTSIDE the U.S.

Regardless of status within Payroll, the following forms are also required:

All these forms, including the sample Appointment/Position form, are available on the WCAS staff resources website.

Workflow for Awards/Prizes and Scholarships

The paperwork should be prepared in the department/program and forwarded to:

Note: Awards and scholarships funded by the Weinberg Dean's Office/Office of Undergraduate and Advising are also processed at the department/program level. The department/program should work with Ann Marshall to get the appropriate chartstring.

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