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Northwestern University

Teaching Faculty Visa-Processing Guide

Visas processed in the Dean's Office


  1. Candidate accepts position by submitting signed acceptance documentation to the Dean's Office.
  2. Per offer letter, new candidate is responsible for contacting Courtney about their visa as early as possible. Department is responsible for contacting Courtney about renewals/extensions for employees whose visas have previously not been processed through the Dean's Office.
  3. Courtney will determine the visa type needed and send two emails: one to the corresponding department administrator and one to the incoming faculty to gather required information for the visa request. Department administrator will gather any necessary information from the department chair.
  4. Courtney collects information from incoming faculty and department and prepares requisite forms.
  5. Courtney gathers Dean's signatures and sends completed form to department for signature(s) as needed. Forms then sent back to Courtney for final approval.
  6. Courtney sends complete visa request packet to International Office.
  7. Courtney communicates status/updates with department and faculty member until visa process is complete.


H-1B Fees

*USCIS payments must be in the form of separate checks, made payable to Dept. of Homeland Security.

J1 Fees

Department deadlines

All application data, job description info, and signatures must be in to Dean’s Office by the following dates:

Contact information

Courtney Essenpreis, Weinberg Dean’s Office

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