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Northwestern University

Cost Sharing

Institutional Support (with Institutional Resources)

The Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) Cost Share Officer facilitates the process of obtaining institutional cost share support. The process is comprised of four steps:

  1. Notification to the Office for Sponsored Research (OSR) Cost Share Officer by PI
  2. Development of Cost Share Budget, Justification, and Letter of Support
  3. Negotiation and Formal Request of Cost Sharing Commitments
  4. Generation of Official Cost Share Letter of Support

Please refer to the Office for Research Cost Share Guidance for details.

Read more about institutional cost share support at OSR's website.

Cost Share of Faculty Effort

For academic salary cost share requests greater than 5%, Weinberg requires prior approval. 

Institutional Letter of Support

To obtain an Institutional Letter of Support (with no measurable commitment of resources), contact the OSR Cost Share Officer. The process, including a template letter, is outlined on the OSR website.

Please note that the request needs to be received by the Office for Research at least one week before the sponsor deadline.

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