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Weinberg Guidelines for Research Staff Salaries

(updated May 28, 2019)

Members of Weinberg’s research staff provide valuable services toward the research mission of the Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences. Details regarding the various appointment levels are available on the Office for Research website.   

From time to time, the Weinberg College Dean’s Office receives requests for guidance in setting salary levels for research staff. Below are salary guidelines for research appointments based on NIH Recommended Stipend Levels for FY 2019 (released November, 2018), considered a reasonable national standard. Of course, salaries are dependent upon the field of research, competitive salaries in both academia and industry, and the availability of funds. As a result, these guidelines provide a relatively broad range for what would be considered a reasonable salary. They also should help to identify a reasonable range of merit increases for annual salary reviews and reappointments.

Questions related to research staff appointments may be directed to Shelley Levine in WCAS Dean’s office ( For individuals in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Economics Departments, questions related to visas and immigration status for research staff should be directed to departmental personnel and/or the International Office.

NIH Recommended NRSA Stipend Levels for FY 2019

(Released November 27, 2018)

Career Level


+/-  20% Range

Postdoc 0 yr


$47,476 - $60,005

Postdoc 1 yr


$47,476 - $60,451

Postdoc 2 yr


$47,476 - $60,912

Postdoc 3 yr


$47,476 - $63,475

Postdoc 4 yr


$47,476 - $65,707

Postdoc 5 yr


$47,476 - $68,256

Postdoc 6 yr


$47,476 - $70,920

Postdoc 7 yr



$49,046 - $73,570

Current Weinberg Average Salary Levels

Position Title



Visiting Predoctoral Fellow

$ -

$21,180/year minimum from sponsor for Visa

Postdoctoral Fellow


$47,476/year NU minimum

Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow

$ -

$47,476/year NU minimum

Research Associate


$47,476/year minimum from NU

Sr Research Associate


$61,308/year minimum from sponsor

Compiled May, 2019


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