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1998-1999 Courses for Distribution Credit

This list is valid for 1998-99 ONLY

Note: This list reflects course information as of May, 1998. Scheduling should be verified each quarter in the Class Schedule. Please direct any questions regarding fulfillment of Weinberg College distribution requirements to the Weinberg College Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising, 1922 Sheridan Road.

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  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Formal Studies
  3. Social and Behavioral Sciences
  4. Historical Studies
  5. Values
  6. Literature and Fine Arts
  7. Western Civilization

Area I Natural Sciences

Anthropology 403 
B13 Human Origins (W) 

Astronomy 407 
A01 Modern Cosmology for Nonspecialists (S) 
A02 Milky Way Galaxy (W) 
A03 Solar System (F) 
A20 Highlights of Astronomy (FWS) 

Biological Sciences 409 
Note: any quarter of Biological Sciences 409-B10-1,2,3, can be counted as one credit of the Area I requirement. 
A03 Diversity of Life (WS)
A12 Biotechnology and Society (W)
A24 Biological Clocks (F)
A60 Human Reproduction (S)
A63 Human Biology
A64 Genetics and People
A70 Concepts of Biology (FS)
A91 Evolution 

Chemistry 411 
Note: any quarter of Chemistry 411-B10-1,2,3 or B12-1,2,3 can be counted as one credit of the Area I requirement. 
A01 General Chemistry (F)
A02 General Inorganic Chemistry (W)
A71 Accelerated General Inorganic Chemistry (F)
A72 Accelerated General Physical Chemistry (W)
B01 Chemistry of Nature & Culture (W)
B02 Color Science 

Civil Engineering 720 
B06 Environmental Literacy (S) 

Cognitive Science 452 
B10 Introduction to Cognitive Science (W)

Communication Sciences & Disorders 620 
B02 Biological Foundations of Communication (WS) 

Geological Sciences 423 
A01 Earth Processes & Products (S) 
A06 The Ocean, Atmosphere & Our Climate (W)
A07 Plate Tectonics (WS)
A10 The Earth as a Planet (F)
A11 Global Environmental Change (FS) 

Materials Science 750 
A01 Modern Materials and Society (F)

Physics 447 
Note: any quarter of Physics 447-A25-1,2,3 can be counted as one credit of the Area I requirement. 
A03 Ideas of Physics (W) 
A30-1 Introductory College Physics (F) 
A30-2 Introductory College Physics (W) 
A35-1 General Physics (FS) 
A35-2 General Physics (FW) 

Psychology 451 
B12 Introduction to Neuroscience (FS)

Area II Formal Studies

Computer Science 725 
A10 Intro to Computer Programming (FWS) 
A11 Fundamentals of Computer Programming (FW) 

Electrical Engineering 730 
A01 Intro to Scientific Computing & Fortran 

Linguistics 434 
B06 Formal Analysis of Words & Sentences (FS) 
B07 Sound Patterns in Human Language (W) 

Mathematics 435 
A student who has passed a course in mathematics above B14-2 with a grade of C- or better will be considered as having satisfied the Weinberg College Area II requirement. 
A04 Games and Fallacies (W) 
A10 Survey of Modern Mathematics I (F) 
A11 Survey of Modern Mathematics II (W) 
B10-1 Math for the Behavioral Sciences (F) 
B10-2 Math for the Behavioral Sciences (W) 
B13 Review of Calculus of One Variable (F) 
B14-1 Calculus (FW) 
B14-2 Calculus (FWS) 

Music Studies, General, for Non-majors 501 
B52 Harmony (F) 

Philosophy 439 
A50 Elementary Logic I (F) 
B50 Elementary Logic II (W) 

Statistics 473 
B01 Statistics and Public Policy 
B02 Introduction to Statistics (FWS) 
B10 Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences (FWS) 

Area III Social and Behavioral Sciences

African American Studies 404 
B36-1 Introduction to African American Studies 
B36-2 Introduction to African American Studies 

Anthropology 403 
A05 Fundamentals of Anthropology (F)
B11 Culture and Society (F)
B15 Study of Culture Through Language (W)
B25 The Evolution of Human Society

Economics 417 
B01 Introduction to Macroeconomics (FWS)
B02 Introduction to Microeconomics (FWS)

International Studies 495 
B01-3 Introduction to the World System (S)

Linguistics 434 
B04 The Languages of Prejudice (FS)
B09 Language and Society (F)

Political Science 449
B01 Introduction to Political Theory (F)
B04 Politics and Nature (S)
B20 American Government and Politicis (WS)
B30 Introduction to Law in the Political Arena (FW)
B40 Introduction to International Relations (FS)
B50 Introduction to Comparative Politics (WS)

Psychology 451 
A10 Introduction to Psychology (FWS)
B04 Social Psychology (FWS)

Sociology 471 
A10 Introduction to Sociology (FWS)
B01 Social Inequality: Race, Class, Power (FS)
B02 Social Problems: Norms and Deviance (FS)
B03 Revolutions and Social Change (FS)
B04 Social Interaction: The Individual & Society (FW)
B05 American Society (F)
B06 Law and Society (W)
B07 Problems of Contemporary American Cities (WS)
B15 Economy and Society (S)
B16 Sociology of Sex Roles (WS)

Women's Studies 480 
B10 Introduction to Women's Studies (S)

Writing Arts 486  
A12-1 Modes: Language & Social Policy (F)

Area IV Historical Studies

See also "Western Civilization," below.

African American Studies 404 
B14-1 History of Racial Minorities in North America (W)
B45 Black Communities of the Diaspora

Anthropology 403 
B14 Cultural Origins (S) 

French 455 
B80 French Cultural Studies: Historical France (S) 
B85 Reading Paris (W)

B33-1 German History & Culture-in English (W)
B33-2 German History & Culture-in English (S)

History 427 
B01-1 European Civilization (W) 
B01-2 European Civilization (S) 
B10-1 History of the United States (F) 
B10-2 History of the United States (W) 
B55-1 Background to African Civilization & Culture (F) 
B55-2 Background to African Civilization & Culture (W) 
B55-3 Background to African Civilization & Culture (S)   
B60 Britain, 1688-Present  
B70 Islam in History  
B74 History of Ancient Egypt
B75-1 History of Western Science & Medicine
B75-2 History of Western Science & Medicine (W)
B81 Chinese Civilization 
B84 Japanese Civilization 
B85 Indian Civilization (F)

International Studies 495 
B01-1 Introduction to the World System (F) 
B01-2 Introduction to the World System (W) 

Slavic Languages & Literatures 467 
B57 Intro to the USSR & Successor States (S) 

Area V Values

See also "Western Civilization,"below. 

Anthropology 403
B20 Evolution of Moral Systems (S)
B32 Myth and Symbolism (S) 

German 425
B40 Theme of Faust throughout the Ages (S) 

International Studies 495 
B02 International Ethics (W)

Philosophy 439 
A10 Introduction to Philosophy (FW) 
A11 Introduction to Contemporary Philosophy (S) 
B09 Introduction to Existentialism (F)
B10-1 The History of Philosophy  (F)
B10-2 The History of Philosophy (W) 
B10-3 The History of Philosophy (S) 
B20 Science in Human Culture (F)
B60 Ethics (S)
B61 Classics of Ethical & Political Theory (S)
B63 Social and Political Philosophy (W) 
B65 Introduction to the Philosophy of Law (F)
B66 Philosophy of Religion (W)

Religion 429 

A10 Religion in Human Experience (FWS) 
B10 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (F) 
B11 New Testament Origins (W) 
B20 Introduction to Hinduism (FWS) 
B22 Introduction to Buddhism (FWS) 
B24 Introduction to Judaism 
B26 Introduction to Christianity 
B28 Introduction to Islam (S)

Writing Arts 486 
A10-1 Modes: Social Order & the Right to Dissent 
A11-1 Modes: Self-Sacrifice: Martyr in History & Lit

Area VI Literature and Fine Arts

See also "Western Civilization," below.

African American Studies 404 
B10-1 Survey of African American Literature 
B10-2 Survey of African American Literature (W) 
B25 African American Culture 
B40 Survey of African American Music (FS)
B59 Intro to African American Drama

Art History 405 
B10 Introduction to Visual Culture (FS) 
B20 Introduction to African Art 
B30 Introduction to American Art 
B40 Introduction to Asian Art (W) 
B50 Introduction to European Art (W)

Art Theory & Practice 406 
B70 Introduction to the Understanding of Art (F) 

Classics 414 
B40-1 Homer and Hellenism (F) 
B40-2 Athenian Drama (W)
B40-3 Athenian Drama
B60 Mythology (WS)

Comparative Literary Studies 416 
B01-1 Western Practices of Reading (W)
B02 Practices of Reading (W)
B03 Introduction to Comedy 
B06 European Fiction Since 1900 (F)
B10 The Bible as Literature (W)
B13 Introduction to Fiction (S)
B71-1 Japanese Literature in Translation (S)
B71-2 Japanese Literature in Translation
B71-3 Japanese Literature in Translation (F) 
B74-1 Introduction to Chinese Literature (S)
B74-2 Introduction to Chinese Literature (W) 
B74-3 Introduction to Chinese Literature (F) 
B75 Arabic Literature in Translation (S) 
B76 African Literature in Translation (W) 
B79 Modern Jewish Literature (F) 
B80 Interpreting Culture (W)

English 419 
B10 English Literary Traditions (FS) 
B11 Introduction to Poetry (S) 
B12 Introduction to Drama (W) 
B13 Introduction to Fiction (W) 
B34 Introduction to Shakespeare (FS) 
B60 Introduction to 20th-Cent. British Lit (F)
B70-1 Introduction to American Literature (F)
B70-2 Introduction to American Literature (W) 
B73 Intro to 20th-Century American Literature (S) 

French 455 
B10 Introduction to French Literature—in French (FWS) 
B71 Introduction to the French Novel—in French (F)
B72 Introduction to French Theatre—in French (W) 
B79 Introduction to French Theatre in Translation

German 425 
B01-1 Introduction to German Literature—in German (F)
B01-2 Introduction to German Literature—in German 
B01-3 Introduction to German Literature—in German (W) 
B10-1 German Literature in Translation (F)
B10-2 German Literature in Translation (W)
B10-3 German Literature in Translation 

Hispanic Studies 463 
B50 Spanish Lit & Civilization Before 1700—in Spanish (FWS)
B51 Spanish Lit & Civilization Since 1700—in Spanish (WS)
B60 Latin Amer. Lit. and Culture Before 1888—in Spanish (FWS)
B61 Latin Amer. Lit. and Culture Since 1888—in Spanish (FW) 

Integrated Arts Program 482 
A90 Art Process (W) 
B91-1 Modes of Theater (S) 
B91-2 Modes of Art (S) 
B91-3 Modes of Music (F) 
B91-4 Modes of Dance 

Italian 457 
B75 Dante's Divine Comedy (F) 
B90 Memory, Exile and the Italian Diaspora (S)

Music Studies, General, for Non-majors 501 
A70 Introduction to Music (FWS) 
B20 History of the Symphony (W) 
B30 Masterpieces of Opera (S) 
B70-1 Western Musical Tradition (W) 
B70-2 Western Musical Tradition (S)

Slavic Languages & Literatures 467 
B10-1 Intro to Russian Literature—in English (F) 
B10-2 Intro to Russian Literature—in English (W)
B10-3 Intro to Russian Literature—in English (S)
B11-1 Intro to 20th Century Russian Literature (F) 
B11-2 Intro to 20th Century Russian Literature (S) 

Speech Courses, General 605 
A03 Analysis & Performance of Literature (FWS)  

Western Civilization

(Areas IV, V, and VI)

Weinberg College Distribution Requirement credit for the special Classics 414, European Thought and Culture 430, and German 425 courses listed below is granted only under the followingconditions, all of which a student must meet: 
  1. A student who completes only one of these courses will not receive any Distribution Requirement credit for it.
  2. A student who completes successfully two of these courses will receive two Distribution Requirement Credits. These credits can be counted in Areas IV, V, or VI, but both cannot be counted in the same area.
  3. A student who completes successfully three or more of these classes will receive Distribution Requirement credit for each course completed, but the credits must be distributed as equally as possible among areas IV, V, and VI.
  4. In no case can a student receive two Distribution Requirement credits in the same area unless at least four of these courses are completed successfully.

Classics 414 
B10 Early Western Civilization (F) 
B11 Classical Greece (W) 
B12 Roman Civilization (S) 

European Thought & Culture 430 
B13 The Middle Ages (S)
B14 The Renaissance  (W)
B15 The Birth of Modernity 
B16 Age of Enlightenment (S) 
B17 The Romantic Period 
B18 Modern Culture: 19th Century 
B19 Modern Culture: 20th Century (F)

German 425
B41-1 Jews and Germans: Intercultural History I (F)
B41-2 Jews and Germans: Intercultural History II (W) Back to top