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Sensitive Data Definitions and Policies

The University Data Access Policy states that certain data types are sensitive. Sensitive data are any data, which when compromised in "confidentiality, integrity, and/or availability, could adversely affect University interests or the privacy to which individuals are entitled."

The different categories of sensitive data are defined in the NUIT File Sharing Overview along with a comparison of which file sharing solutions are appropriate for the different categories. The two most important types of sensitive data to remember are:

Internal: Sensitive
(e.g. salary plans, employment data, budgets, donor information, IRB data, CTEC, patent information)


Legally/Contractually Restricted
(e.g. PHI, SSN, PII, student records, medical records)

Weinberg IT has developed SAFER to augment Box as a data sharing solution, such that Box can become an acceptable storage location for Internal Sensitive and Legally/Contractually restricted information. 

Sensitive and Non-Sensitive Folders

With the SAFER method, data owners (Stewards) are asked to categorize folders with information deemed sensitive separately from non-sensitive folders. SAFER tracks activities related to sensitive folders only.

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