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Purchasing and Upgrading Software

Weinberg IT Software Image

All Windows and Mac computers purchased within Weinberg are set up by Weinberg IT with a standard software image. This speeds up the setup of new computers and enables the IT staff to re-image a computer when there are complex software problems, preserving all of the user’s data and lowering the time needed to get the computer repaired.

Weinberg College and Northwestern University maintain license agreements for faculty and staff for all software on the Weinberg IT Software Image; faculty and staff do not need to order or pay for this software.

The Weinberg IT Software Image includes the following software:

Windows computers

Mac computers

If you intend to use Windows on your Apple computer, please see our Virtualization Software for Intel Macs page.

Specialized Research Software

Additional specialized software at special NU pricing may be purchased by faculty/staff and installed by Weinberg IT.

For faculty and graduate students in the Social Sciences, Weinberg supports an interactive and batch computer cluster with an extensive array of software, the Social Sciences Computer Cluster. For expert assistance with specialized data sets, contact the Social Science Data Services department in the NU Library. Eligible faculty, students, and staff have access to NUworkspace, a virtualized environment that contains a suite of sortware applications for University work like prototyping, script testing, and interactive workloads.

Different groups across Northwestern offer access to hosted research software. See the Overview of Teaching and Research Resources for more information.

Information about other software purchases is available at NUIT's Software for Faculty and Staff page.

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