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Obtaining Matlab Licenses from Weinberg IT

Weinberg IT offers two types of Matlab licenses for university owned computers, a network based license, and a stand-alone license. The vendor names these license types "concurrent" and "group," respectively.

Networked license ("concurrent")

This is the preferred and most commonly used license type. It should be chosen for any computer that is either on the NU wired or wireless network, or is able to connect to the NU VPN.

Stand-alone license ("group")

This license does not require a network connection. Choose this license type only if you need to use Matlab in locations lacking network connectivity, or without the ability to connect to the NU VPN.

Student Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license

Students needing Matlab licenses for their personal computers should purchase a Student TAH license. The Student TAH licenses are administered for the entire university by McCormick IT. To order a Student TAH license please see McCormick's student Matlab site.

System Requirements

If you are requesting the latest version of Matlab please review the vendor's system requirements to ensure that your system is capable of running the software. In addition, computers must meet Weinberg IT minimum support standards to receive support for installation and maintenance.


To purchase or renew a Matlab license from WCAS please fill out the order form.

Once we receive all of the required information from you we will process the request, charge the chart string, and send you download and installation instructions. A Weinberg IT staff member can assist with the software installation if needed.

There may be an additional installation charge if your computer is not in compliance with the Weinberg IT Operating System Standard.

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