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Getting Started

This section covers tasks commonly accomplished prior to your arrival, including getting your Northwestern email account or arranging for your office computer.

This page is intended to be a resource for these, and other tasks, but if there is something else you need help with, please feel free to contact us via the directions below under “Who do I contact for support?”.

I don't have a NetID or Northwestern email account yet. How do I get them?

NetIDs and email accounts are created after your Personal Data Form has been completed and submitted to Quinn Leach ( via secure webform.

As this information must be processed by multiple groups before routing to account generation, it may take seven to ten business days for this process to reach completion. More details about the onboarding process can be found on our New Faculty Onboarding Checklist.

Questions may be directed to Quinn Leach at or (847) 491-3276

How are my computer and data secured?

Protecting and securing computers and data from unwanted disclosure or malicious activity can be difficult, especially without an easy roadmap to follow.  Northwestern adheres to a number of best practices, and we are happy to help you determine the right approach for your research. In particular, Northwestern IT will:

  • Set up computer management services to automatically update your computer’s OS, and standard applications, minimizing the threat of outside malicious activity.
  • Install Code42 CrashPlan software to automatically backup your computer.
  • Help you adopt University-wide services like Box and RDSS, to secure data and ensure compliance with grant requirements.
  • Arrange for a security resource perform an assembly of your lab, and then work with you to address areas of concern.


Can you help me with creating or migrating a website?

NU Sites is a publishing environment that provides managed security and updates for faculty, staff, and students to build and manage websites, and blogs for academic and research purposes.

NU Sites allows subdomains; supports SSL;  some coding; forms; allows different themes; and has templates to provide a Northwestern look.

If you have an existing website with dynamic content that needs to migrate to Northwestern, we can review the site requirements with you, and help identify a new hosting solution.  There is no fee for this consultation, though you may be responsible for hosting expenses if you are unable to use NU Sites.

Visit NU Sites for more information.

Who do I contact for support?

 To expedite your support requests as you transition into Weinberg College, you may email with the subject NEW FACULTY REQUEST through the end of Fall Quarter.

Northwestern Information Technology can be contacted by calling 1-HELP (1-4357) or by emailing

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