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There are several options for obtaining access to software, including specialized research titles, some of which can be obtained at no cost to you while other titles are available at a reduced cost, or through our virtual desktop environment or high performance computing system.

Different titles have different licensing models that govern how software can be installed and used.  Generally, software can be installed on your office or lab computers, though some titles offer a home use provision.  Check the Software for Faculty, Staff, and Students page for details.

What are my options for specialized software and high performance computing?

NUworkspace offers users a Windows virtual desktop with a suite of research applications. Its purpose is to provide faculty, students, and staff with access to programs that may not be readily available on their current desktop/laptop computers. NUworkspace is generally intended for interactive workloads, rather than scheduled or batch jobs. It is suitable for work that does not require intense computation. Examples include prototyping, script testing, and running programs that offer quick results and feedback.

Additionally, the University provides several software titles that are either site licensed or available at negotiated prices, for university owned computers.  Some titles even have home use, or purchase provisions.

Quest is the University's high performance computing (HPC) system. Housed at one of the University's secure Data Center facilities, it offers a large, shared computational facility. Quest is used for a variety of projects, including those that require high-performance capability due to computationally intensive tasks, such as intense numerical calculations or dealing with extremely large datasets.

Do you have a service to help me make and distribute surveys?

Qualtrics Research Suite is a cloud-based service which provides a comprehensive suite of tools to create web surveys and analyze collected data. While the Research Suite is available throughout Northwestern, Weinberg faculty, staff, and students have access to additional Qualtrics features including File Upload and the Offline Survey App.

Visit our Qualtrics Research Suite page for more information.

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