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Student Engagement

The Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program will help you connect with Weinberg alumni to help with career exploration and planning.  We bring students and alumni together for career education and exploration in a variety of ways.  We host panels in which alumni discuss how their liberal arts major shaped or informed their career, we host industry-specific roundtable discussions, we offer professional skills development workshops and we host on-site treks to Chicago businesses so students can experience a particular business or industry first-hand. 

Types of events:

Career Treks:  Each reading week, the Waldron Connections program takes a small group of students downtown to experience a Chicago business firsthand.  We meet with alumni who work in a particular industry, learn more about that field, and give the students the opportunity to ask questions and get an in-depth look at a particular business. 

Panels and Roundtables:  The Waldron Connections program hosts a series of panel discussions, informal fireside-type chats and ‘lunch and learn’ programs to help Weinberg undergraduate students learn about different careers, to understand the ways their liberal arts education is preparing them for life after NU, and to connect with alumni in different careers.

Mentoring:  Pair up with a junior or senior student and meet informally throughout the school year to help him/her navigate the job search and transition from student to professional.

Skills Coaching:  Participate in one of our workshops that help demystify and articulate essential skills like networking, job interviewing and resume preparation.

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