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Changing Grades

If you receive permission for an incomplete in a course and then complete the remaining work for the course, the instructor can change the X or Y to a regular course grade. The instructor will receive notification from the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising indicating that an X or Y has been approved, and he or she can enter the new grade through CAESAR.

The only other situation in which a grade change is permitted is to correct a clerical or computational error.

Grade changes requested for the following reasons are not allowed:

Complaint procedure

Students who are dissatisfied with the grading in a course are urged to discuss their dissatisfaction with the instructor. If students remain dissatisfied, they should talk with the chair of the department in which the course is offered or, finally, with the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Neither the department chair nor the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs has authority to change a grade assigned by an instructor; however, each department has a procedure whereby students can appeal a grade they think was determined in a prejudicial or capricious manner.

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