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Weinberg College Research Innovation Grants (W Awards)

Weinberg College Research Innovation Grants (W Awards)  

The 2018 Weinberg College W Award initiative is intended to provide seed funding for catalyzing creative exploratory research.  This is a program to facilitate scholarly inquiry by Weinberg College faculty- including innovative new work, significant changes in research direction, and new collaborative ventures.  Applications from all the diverse disciplinary and interdisciplinary spaces are welcome.  

The 2018 W awards have been announced (see below). The program is currently closed and is no longer accepting proposals for 2018. Please check back in early 2019 for the next call for proposals.

2018 W Awards

Predicting crises: Ebola and the culture(s) of epidemiological modeling
PI: Adia Benton (Anthropology)

The Chicagoland Neighborhood Study
PIs: Traci Burch (Political Science), Thomas Ogorzalek (Political Science) and Reuel Rogers (Political Science)

The World Between Them: Reporters of the Lost Generation
PI: Deborah Cohen (History)

Archaeology and Its Avatars in Cultural Theory
PI: Jorge Coronado (Spanish & Portuguese)

Challenges of Social Mobility: Navigating New Cultures & Coping with Status Uncertainty
PI: Mesmin Destin (Psychology)

Empire of Monuments: Architecture and Institutions in the Early Modern Spanish World
PI: Jesús Escobar (Art History)

Polymer‐Based Retrograde Nano‐Tracers as Tools for Neuroanatomy
PIs: Nathan Gianneschi (Chemistry) and Daniel Dombeck (Neurobiology)

Intra‐party conflict as a challenge to compromise
PI: Laurel Harbridge‐Yong (Political Science)

Back to the Land: The Transformation of Land Politics and Trajectories of Development and Change in Asian States
PI: Bill Hurst (Political Science)

An Aesthetics of Anti‐racism: African‐Americans in Soviet Visual Culture
PI: Christina Kiaer (Art History)

War and Revolution in Translocal China, 1927‐1958
PI: Melissa Macauley (History)

Exploiting diversity to enhance stability in physical systems
PI: Adilson Motter (Physics & Astronomy)

The Role of Parental Socialization in the Development of White Children's Negative Intergroup Attitudes
PI: Sylvia Perry (Psychology)

Memory and Movement: Archiving Radical Puerto Rican Politics in Chicago
PI: Michael Rodríguez‐Muñiz (Sociology)

The Nature of Things: Extending Cretaceous Paleoclimate Studies to the Southern Hemisphere
PI: Brad Sageman (Earth & Planetary Sciences) Back to top