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Northwestern University

Weinberg College Research Innovation Grants (W Awards)

Please note there will be no call for proposals in 2019

 2018 W Awards

Predicting crises: Ebola and the culture(s) of epidemiological modeling
PI: Adia Benton (Anthropology)

The Chicagoland Neighborhood Study
PIs: Traci Burch (Political Science), Thomas Ogorzalek (Political Science) and Reuel Rogers (Political Science)

The World Between Them: Reporters of the Lost Generation
PI: Deborah Cohen (History)

Archaeology and Its Avatars in Cultural Theory
PI: Jorge Coronado (Spanish & Portuguese)

Challenges of Social Mobility: Navigating New Cultures & Coping with Status Uncertainty
PI: Mesmin Destin (Psychology)

Empire of Monuments: Architecture and Institutions in the Early Modern Spanish World
PI: Jesús Escobar (Art History)

Polymer‐Based Retrograde Nano‐Tracers as Tools for Neuroanatomy
PIs: Nathan Gianneschi (Chemistry) and Daniel Dombeck (Neurobiology)

Intra‐party conflict as a challenge to compromise
PI: Laurel Harbridge‐Yong (Political Science)

Back to the Land: The Transformation of Land Politics and Trajectories of Development and Change in Asian States
PI: Bill Hurst (Political Science)

An Aesthetics of Anti‐racism: African‐Americans in Soviet Visual Culture
PI: Christina Kiaer (Art History)

War and Revolution in Translocal China, 1927‐1958
PI: Melissa Macauley (History)

Exploiting diversity to enhance stability in physical systems
PI: Adilson Motter (Physics & Astronomy)

The Role of Parental Socialization in the Development of White Children's Negative Intergroup Attitudes
PI: Sylvia Perry (Psychology)

Memory and Movement: Archiving Radical Puerto Rican Politics in Chicago
PI: Michael Rodríguez‐Muñiz (Sociology)

The Nature of Things: Extending Cretaceous Paleoclimate Studies to the Southern Hemisphere
PI: Brad Sageman (Earth & Planetary Sciences) Back to top