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Northwestern University

2017 W Awards

Divergent Legalization in Global Economic Governance: Why Is Money So Different from Trade?
PI: Karen Alter (Political  Science)

Intergenerational influences on gut microbiota composition in Cebu, Philippines
PIs: Katie Amato (Anthropology), Chris Kuzawa (Anthropology), Tom McDade (Anthropology)

Messianism as a Middle Term in Modern German, Italian, and Jewish Thought
PIs: Peter Fenves (German) and Alessia Ricciardi (French and Italian)

Using motor control disruptions in speech to predict risk for psychotic disorders
PIs: Matt Goldrick (Linguistics) and Vijay Mittal (Psychology)

Homeless and Native in America
PI: Doug Kiel (History)

Athens: the Co-existence of Memory and Modernity
PI: Sara Monoson (Political Science)

MONSTER v2.0: A Versatile Tool for Analysis of Macromolecular Complexes
PI: Ishwar Radhakrishnan (Molecular Bioscience)

GIS Modeling of a Sustainable Ancient City
PI: Cynthia Robin (Anthropology)

“Black girl magic”: An in-depth study of racial and gender identity among low-income, Black adolescent girls
PI: Onnie Rogers (Psychology)

Health Across Cultures: Translating Ìwé Ìwòsàn • Book of Healing (1910)
PI: Helen Tilley (History)

The Pulter Project:  Archival Discovery in the 21st Century and the Mobilization of Knowledge
PI: Wendy Wall (English)

Development of Ultrafast Quantum Dot Probes for Elucidation of Synaptic Events in Parkinsonian Dopaminergic Neurons
PI: Emily Weiss (Chemisty)

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