Weinberg Convocation graduates

Convocation 2015

Weinberg College's Convocation ceremony was held Saturday, June 20. View the interim dean's welcome and the speaker's keynote on Weinberg's YouTube channel, and see photos on the Weinberg Flickr feed.



New Major in Neuroscience Debuts

Professor of Neurobiology Catherine Woolley explains why the field is growing in popularity — and how the major will prepare students for a variety of careers.

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Pope Francis

Opinion: Pope Francis' Balancing Act

In a column for the Boston Globe, Professor of History Gary Wills takes on the question of whether Pope Francis is a healer or a divider.

Channel Molecular Noise to Keep Cells Healthy

Complex networks are noisy, whether they constitute food webs, power grids, or cells. And when networks buzz and crackle beyond normal bounds, bad things can happen: ecosystems can collapse, power grids can leave us in the dark, and cells can tumble into cancerous states. All these networks are amenable to similar mathematical treatments, says a team led by physicist Adilson E. Motter.

The Fabulous Future

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro and Professor Gary Saul Morson ask what the world will be like in 25 years.

A public lecture by John D. Norton of the University of Pittsburgh. Sponsor: CIERA

Why Choose Weinberg?

First-year students march through the Arch

"The Perfect Combination"

Learn about the broad academic opportunities, dynamic community, and rich mindscape at Weinberg College.

First-Year Focus

Three students in class

Getting Started

Information for incoming students regarding placement and credit, courses, advising, and more.