Delida Costin

Delida Costin ’91

Costin’s passion for history opened the door to a wide-ranging career that bridges law, technology and business. 


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How Can Today’s College Students Future-Proof Their Careers?

Weinberg College economist Joel Mokyr is among a panel of experts with advice for a generation that will come of age as automation does.

That Time When "That Time When" Took Over the Internet

What makes “that time I” so appealing? As linguist Gregory Ward explains, it’s the demonstrative “that,” which often signals a common, shared knowledge or reference between a speaker and a hearer.

The Department of Political Science and the Asian American Studies Program are honored to present Norman Y. Mineta as part of the Admiral Weber Lecture Series.
In the five years since Occupy Wall Street, the condition of indebtedness and the figure of the debtor have become matters of political concern for activists, academics, and artists. This talk will assess efforts thus far to build a debtors movement, and will then highlight the ways in which the movement for Black Lives has radically altered the aesthetic and political horizons of debt-resistance work.

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Learn about the broad academic opportunities, dynamic community, and rich mindscape at Weinberg College.

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