Wildcat Welcome

Welcome Address by Associate Professor Nick Davis

"Enjoy everything you can. Investigate new areas. Ask for what you need. Say what you really think. Speak who you truly believe you are, and be open to who other people truly are. Throw us a ball; we’re here to throw it back." Read the full address.

Voices of Weinberg

Sarah Topol '12

Why Northwestern Students Love Classics

“For everyone who is a classics major, it’s something that seeps into your soul,” says Sarah Topol ’12. Watch video

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Let’s Bring On the Brave New World

The dominant concern about robots is that they will make us obsolete. But past experience suggests we should remove the blinders of fear, bioethicist Laurie Zoloth says.

Even When You’re Older, You Need Chaperones

Molecular bioscientist Richard Morimoto and a team of researchers identify a small set of genes critical in aging and neurodegenerative disease.

What If the Much-Expected Growth Burst Is a Bust?

The Wall Street Journal highlights economist Robert Gordon’s “case for pessimism.”

A talk by scholar-in-residence Rudolf Mrazek. Co-sponsors: Equality Development and Globalization Studies and Asian Studies

First-Year Focus

Three students in class

Getting Started

Information for incoming students regarding placement and credit, courses, advising, and more.

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