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Mark-Hans Richer

Mark-Hans Richer '89

“Career development is not a linear thing, and neither is finding your passion in life,” says Mark-Hans Richer, who majored in history and is now the chief marketing officer for Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

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Breast MRI

Biomarker Identified in Aggressive Breast Cancer

An overactive protein in basal-like carcinoma offers a target for new therapeutics, Northwestern researchers find.

Why Childhood Lasts So Long

Why do human children grow so slowly compared with other mammals? "A huge quantity of resources is required to fuel the developing human brain,” anthropologist Christopher Kuzawa explains.


Wildcat Welcome

Monday, September 15, 9:00 AM
The weeklong orientation for all new Northwestern students begins.

Sloss Graduate Research Symposium

Friday, September 26, 3:00 AM
Ph.D. students in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences will present their current research.

First-Year Focus

Freshman Dean Lane Fenrich addresses students at freshman convocation

Getting Started

Information for incoming students regarding placement and credit, courses, advising, and more.

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