Wildcat Welcome

Welcome Address by Associate Professor Nick Davis

"Enjoy everything you can. Investigate new areas. Ask for what you need. Say what you really think. Speak who you truly believe you are, and be open to who other people truly are. Throw us a ball; we’re here to throw it back." Read the full address.

Voices of Weinberg

Mark-Hans Richer

Mark-Hans Richer '89

“Career development is not a linear thing, and neither is finding your passion in life,” says Mark-Hans Richer, who majored in history and is now the chief marketing officer for Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Featured News & Events

Ship on top of building

A Risky Business

When can we expect the next tsunami or gigantic earthquake? Seismologist Seth Stein elaborates on strategies for dealing with incalculable risk.

Single Laser Stops Molecular Tumbling Motion Instantly

Quantum control of molecules could lead to extremely fast computers, according to Northwestern researchers.


Sloss Graduate Research Symposium

Friday, September 26, 3:00 AM
Ph.D. students in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences will present their current research.
Harris Hall Auditorium, 1881 Sheridan Road. Free and open to the public. Reception to follow.

First-Year Focus

Three students in class

Getting Started

Information for incoming students regarding placement and credit, courses, advising, and more.

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