Prof. Ken Poppelmeier in his lab

Research is a key component of Northwestern’s pioneering and innovative spirit and serves as the foundation of one of the four central themes of the University’s strategic plan: Discover Creative Solutions.  Advancing knowledge through scholarly innovation and discovering solutions to complex problems through collaborative research is a critical aspect of the mission of Weinberg College.

Our faculty engage in diverse forms of research and scholarship appropriate to the breadth of fields represented within the Arts and Sciences.  We have philosophers working in epistemology who investigate the roles that others play in our attempts to gain knowledge of the world, economists who develop mathematical models for whether a boom in housing prices is likely to be followed by a bust and chemists who are using precious metals patterned at the nanoscale to build new optical devices capable of amazing resolution.  Much of the research in Weinberg College is interdisciplinary and involves building research teams across departments, schools, and universities around the world.

Weinberg faculty actively engage our students in their research to optimally integrate learning and experience.  Our researchers at all levels connect to our community and engage with the world through many strategic and collaborative partnerships highlighted by strong and growing relationships to regional research and teaching institutions such as the Chicago Botanic Garden, Argonne National Laboratory, Adler Planetarium, The Field Museum and Fermilab.

Research activity in Weinberg College is often sponsored by federal agencies or private foundations and Weinberg faculty and students have been highly successful in competing for prestigious external grants and research awards. In 2012, Weinberg faculty submitted nearly 500 grant proposals and were awarded over $100 million in grants, both within Weinberg College and in Northwestern’s institutes and centers.

Weinberg College strives to create an environment conducive to innovative and creative scholarly research by our faculty and students, while ensuring compliance and responsible conduct of research. We do this in partnership with the Office for Research, which works with the College in supporting more than 90 school-based research centers and 26 University centers. For more information about research at Northwestern visit the Northwestern University research homepage.